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Drug checking empowers people who use drugs to make informed decisions about the substances they intend to use and helps provide timely information about what is in the drug supply. At the BCCSU Drug Checking Program, we partner with sites across the province to build an expanding network of drug-checking services.

DrugSense Dashboard

Dive deep into your drug checking results.


Find guidelines on implementing and operating drug checking services.


Find out more about becoming an FTIR technician.


Find Drug Checking

Discover how to access our free drug checking locations.

Find Drug Checking

Technician Tools

Find guidance on testing procedures, checklists, testing equipment, and more.

Fentanyl Test Strip Procedures

We’re committed to empowering people who use drugs with the information they need to make informed decisions, and to publicly sharing drug results and resources to keep people informed about the drug supply.

What’s in my Drugs?

Filmed at the Molson Overdose Prevention Site (MOPS) in Vancouver, “What’s in My Drugs?” is a short video that explains what happens when a person brings a drug in to get checked. Staff share why drug checking is an important harm reduction strategy for people who use drugs. (3:51 mins)


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