We have a variety of resources to support partners, community members and interested parties in creating and running a drug checking program.

French translations of these manuals were provided by GRIP Montréal www.grip-prevention.ca.

Manuals and Guidelines

Drug Checking Technician Manual Version 2This manual outlines basic instruction on drug checking history, procedures, protocols, and methods used by the BCCSU drug checking project. It is intended to supplement (not substitute) in-person training for new drug checking technicians. Version 1 (2019) of the Manual is available in Français.

Colours and Textures GuidelinesThis guideline contains descriptions of different textures and colours of compounds commonly found when testing drugs and what drugs they are typically found in. English or Français

Drug Checking Implementation Guide: This implementation guide brings operational knowledge generated through a multi-site British Columbia drug checking evaluation together in one place to provide comprehensive information support for those interested in implementing or expanding drug checking services in their community, region, or province.

Standard Operating Procedures

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