Have you seen our new DrugSense Dashboard?

Dive deep into drug checking results from around the province in our new interactive data visualization.

Drug checking results presented are from partnered sites around British Columbia and date back to June 6, 2018. These results show you what has been found in drugs brought in for checking and can provide a glimpse of what is in the current unregulated drug supply. Please note that the data presented are not finalized and are subject to change. Results are updated every week.

Spectroscopy results are listed in approximate descending order of sample composition. Please refer to the technological limitations for guidance on interpreting FTIR results.

Last updated: Tuesday, November 21st 2023

This table can be found on the third tab of the DrugSense Dashboard.

To filter:

  • Click the Filters bar at the top of the table to open the filtering options.
  • To filter by selecting multiple Expected Substances or Locations: 
    • Click while holding the CTRL key (Windows) or the command key (Mac).
    • Click Filter.
  • To filter by date
    • Select a Start Date (Month-Day-Year) and an End Date (Month-Day-Year).
    • Click Filter.

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