The BCCSU drug checking project has created a variety of resources to access to assist in a variety of aspects around drug checking including training, using drug checking technologies, and interpreting drug checking results.

Monthly Reports
These reports summarize various aspects of what we are finding through the point-of-care drug checking services including substances being checked, cuts and buffs in the supply, and alerts that have been released. Learn More

Community Resources
These include guidelines for using test strips, information on cuts and buffs commonly found in drugs, and limitations on the drug checking technologies. Learn More

Manuals and Guidelines
These resources provide guidance for organizations and new technicians to assist with training and interpreting drug checking results to clients. Learn More

Drug Checking Libraries
There are two FTIR reference libraries that are managed by the drug checking project when analyzing drug samples and shared publicly: BCCSU FTIR-ATR Library of  Drugs and Common Adulterants, and the BCCSU FTIR-ATR Library of Tryptamine Analogues. Learn More

Written Reports
These reports summarize various analyses done with results from point-of-care drug checking services at our partner sites around BC. The include our annual reports, reports on specific drugs and summaries on technologies. Learn More


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